Push notifications with firebase and app-server.



Implementing push notifications with firebase is a piece of cake. The documentation is pretty straightforward and it couldn’t have been much easier for quick prototyping. Sending notifications via the firebase console is just clicks away but there are times when you want to trigger notifications automatically from your app server upon certain action/condition.

So, in this post we will see, how to send notifications to client devices from our app server rather than using the Firebase console. If you have already implemented the required firebase cloud messaging setup jump to step 6.

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Dynamic Navigation Drawer Items.

Dynamic Navigation Drawer Items

In the last few posts, we have implemented material navigation drawer with and also without using the design support library where items of the navigation drawer were static, that is, they were predefined. But, there are times when you want items to change according to certain user actions or preferences. In this post, we will dynamically add items to a navigation drawer from a database with design support library, MySQLi and PHP scripts.

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Navigation Drawer with Swipe Tabs using Design Support Library.

Android Drawer With Swipe Tabs .

In our last post we have implemented Material Navigation Drawer without using the Design Support Library.So today, we will see how we can use the Design Support Library to implement Material Navigation Drawer with Swipe Tabs ! 

With the help of the Design Support Library implementing the material look in our app becomes way easier .
The library includes some super cool views like the NavigationView (For Navigation Drawer) , TabLayout , Snackbar , Floating Action Button (FAB),etc and hence we can implement them with just few lines of code and some layouts while the rest is handled by the library itself .

So today , by using the Design Support Library we will implement Material Navigation Drawer with Swipe Tabs . Drawer when coupled with Tabs gives navigation a lot more sense and provides required data to user with a lot fewer clicks .

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Material Navigation Drawer With Header.


Long gone are those days of dashboards with huge icons and titles, now almost every utility app has a navigation drawer gracefully sliding from the left/right making navigation so easy and elegant , with the material design update navigation looks even more beautiful. 

In this tutorial we will learn to implement material navigation drawer with a header image using drawer layout,toolbar,recycler view and also additionally implement some fragments .

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